General News

SIR begins engaging policymakers in national conversation on opioid use: SIR, as part of multi-specialty pain workgroup endorses letter to Oregon Health Authorityasking that spinal injections remain an option for those suffering from painful spinal conditions
American Board of Radiology Announces Maintenance of Certification Part 3: ABR diplomates participating in MOC recently heard about revisions to the Part 3 MOC requirement; learn more (login)
Society of Interventional Radiology backs GME reallocations, says reallocation of federally funded GME to new specialties, new medical programs, and rural hospitals will improve access to care; read the press release
SIR 2016 Medical Student Scholar Pilot Mentorship Program success; thanks to all mentors and mentees; see list of the 70 participants
New JVIR commentary discusses key recommendations from PAD coalition to MEDCAC
Better interventional radiology staffing needed to meet demand; Society of Interventional Radiology recommendations include parity and admitting privileges, read the press release
Apply now for SIRF’s Funding Source Development Grant, deadline June 28
HHMI awards 2016 Medical Research Fellow in partnership with SIR Foundation; SIR Foundation-supported research fellow's concentration in interventional oncolgy
May JVIR includes original science comparing microwave and RFA liver ablation outcomes, prostate embolization results, clinical, laboratory studies, letters, more
SIR members: Read latest news about what SIR is doing for you on Capitol Hill (login required)
SIR at APCCVIR meeting in Suzhou, China: Advancing the specialty on a global level; Learn more
During the SIR Annual Scientific Meeting in Vancouver, BC, SIR presented early results of an ongoing clinical trial for a new interventional radiology treatment for obesity. This treatment is not yet ready for general use however, more information can be found here.
CMS announces beginning of 45-day Open Payments Review and dispute period; visit Frequently Asked Questions for EIDM Users
Fellows, residents, students: Interview dates for 2017 appointment year; Radiology–Interventional Fellowship Match
SIR's Career HQ, online career center for interventional radiologists and related health care professionals, has new look; responsive design

Member News

Improper specialty designator for IR could impact future reimbursement: Is your practice using the right specialty code to properly capture your work as an Interventional Radiologist? Learn more (login).
What would you like to see covered at SIR’s 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting? Suggest a topic for SIR 2017
Want to get involved in SIR? Complete your volunteer profile on SIR Connect, and allow SIR staff to identify volunteers for projects based on areas of expertise and SIR areas of interest.
New JVIR commentary discusses key recommendations from PAD coalition; learn more. (login required)
March/April Washington Interventionalist Report now available. (login) Cook Medical initiating voluntary recall of Cook Medical for Catheters with Beacon Tip Technology; Learn more (login).
Important: Revalidate your Medicare enrollment record; all enrolled providers/suppliers must revalidate their Medicare enrollment information, see CMS revalidation processing improvements here.
May Guidewire, Vision Now Posted
Interested in Providing a Visiting Fellowship/Observership for International IRs? Learn More